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Without your support, there is no music and there are no dances.

Becoming a member is easy

Membership funds the majority of our organization’s efforts and provides many benefits to dancers throughout the United States.

Benefits to Individual Members

One of the greatest benefits of membership in USA Dance is simply being an active participant in, and patron of, this dynamic and effective leader, promoter and supporter of ballroom dancing. Many members say that attending USA Dance events and associating with the friends that they make at those events quickly becomes a significant and very pleasurable part of their lives. This applies regardless of age or whether the member is a Social Dancer, DanceSport Athlete, Student or Junior Dancer. Dancers who love to travel enjoy the instant social life they find on vacation. Other more specific benefits are listed below.

Discounts on Admission

Attend our fabulous chapter dances anywhere in the country and pay the lower admission prices applicable to members. Each dance usually starts with a one hour lesson, followed by several hours of general dancing. The typical program includes mixers, line dances and dance demonstrations.

Dance Information

Be informed and stimulated by “American Dancer”, our ballroom dance magizine. Receive Chapter Newsletters covering local ballroom dance news, including information on places to dance. Call our 800 number or email chapters via “Find A Local Cahpter” section of our website for dance information across the US. Members use this service when planning business trips or vacations. Receive information regarding dance competitions, workshops, dance weekends, dance courses and other special events for ballroom dancers.

Williamsburg Chapter #6009